Church Steeple


On Thursday, September 14th , 2017 the 42 foot tall Roseville Covenant Church Steeple was removed and hauled away. The top 6 feet of the steeple, including the cross, was saved and will be re-used elsewhere in the church or a church garden.

For more than a decade, the sanctuary experienced leaking from the ceiling with water running down the beams. These leaks resulted in wet carpets, pew cushions and sometimes leaked on our worship instruments.  The problem was researched and several procedures were used to solve the leakage problem.


About 6 years ago, during re-roofing of the entire church facility, the leaking problem was diagnosed as related to the steeple. Attempts were made at that time to seal the steeple base with new products. This turned out to have limited success, and in the fall of 2014 a larger project was launched to re-install and stabilize the Steeple with new hardware, special waterproof membranes and new special caulking.  During this time we received a consultant report that our problem was related to the fact that the steeple was “installed on top of the roof, and only anchored with bolts which would loosen during high winds. The preferred method of construction for a steeple is for it to be built into the structure of the roof before the roof is added.


In the fall of 2016 the sanctuary ceiling was leaking again this time dripping into the balcony sound & lighting booth. We investigated another repair and also the cost of removal. After months of discussion the Lead Team approved a recommendation, for safety and stewardship reasons, that the steeple should be removed.

During our 60th Anniversary Celebration: JOURNEY TOGETHER the steeple will be RE:PLACED by a large metal cross at the NE Corner of our building and incorporated into the new Family Porch and Legacy Gardens. (please see JOURNEY TOGETHER  for more information) It is our hope that the new cross will be one of the first RE:PLACE projects in the Spring or Summer of 2018.

Ashley Rice